The Rehabbing of a Racist Former City Council President

As Angelenos countdown to the creepiest night of the year, many U.S. news sources continue their creep to the right. By handing her the microphone, reporters give a dangerous person the opportunity to rehabilitate her image and escape the consequences of her actions. The LAist is one of those outlets.

On Sept. 20, the LAist caused another stir when it announced the launch of a four-part podcast, “Imperfect Paradise,” advertised as a “deep dive into the LA City Council Tape Scandal” that features “an exclusive interview with former LA City Council President Nury Martinez,” a conniving pol and a creep who was justly ousted because of her racism, xenophobia and classism. On Oct. 9, 2022, an audio recording of a backroom dealmaking session that happened in 2021 was leaked to the public. It captured Martinez insulting and mocking Black people, Indigenous migrants, children, adoptees, Jews, Armenians and tenants.