March 28, 2020

Rice a Rona

My little brother has a nameless iguana. I could tell the iguana about how in high school, in my economics class, for extra credit, I wrote a research paper on the Black Death. My econ teacher gave me a B. I told myself that it was okay that I got a B even though I wanted an A. I told myself, “F is for Fabulous. B is for Bubonic.”

March 13, 2020

Coercive Control

Content Warning: Sociology. Language. Misogyny. I miss teaching so I’m going to use this thread as my classroom. I want to discuss a term I dislike versus a term I prefer. I dislike the term domestic violence. I prefer coercive control. Here’s why. I became a battered woman after a man trapped me in what

LA Review of Books l January 23, 2020

My Taco Laughs at You

I called the police after my batterer told me he was thinking about driving me to a desolate California location, fucking me, and then soaking the countryside in my blood. After I shared these details with a domestic violence detective, he lectured me about male fantasies. The detective urged me to have compassion, stressing that

December 7, 2019

On Katie Hill and American Girls

I’m reading former Congressional representative Katie Hill’s account of wanting to kill herself after her abusive ex-husband and the Republican party attacked her by using a method of sexual assault called cyber exploitation. The attacks made Hill, a powerful white woman, curl into a ball and contemplate suicide. I wonder if her suicidal ideation was

July 10, 2019

On the Banality of the Epstein Scandal and the Naming of Shitty Men

In an essay on E. Jean Carroll, Moira Donegan grimly addresses the underwhelming response that Carroll’s rape allegation against President Trump garnered. She writes, “We have stopped pretending, collectively, that we expect those on whom we bestow tremendous power to behave with commensurate responsibility.” Like many twelve-year-old girls, I learned about the irresponsibility of the